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PCI Compliance Guide
The innovative technology within Element Express helps our merchants comply with PCI DSS. The experts at Element are also helping us understand the upcoming PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) standard for software providers and how that will affect our business."

Jason Kochel,
Chief Technology Officer,
Marathon Data Systems, LLC

Truly NolenNobody likes bugs, especially a premier pest control company such as Truly Nolen of America. That's why, in February 2007, Truly Nolen turned to the Element Express Processing Platform when they realized they needed to do more to securely process customer payments.

Element Express was quickly integrated with the PestPac business management software from Marathon Data Systems, which Truly Nolen uses to manage its more than 80 locations in seven states.

Jason Kochel, Chief Technology Officer for Marathon Data remembers how easy it was to integrate Pest Pac Software with Element Express. "It took only about a week of staff time," he said. The process was eased by the fact Marathon was familiar with the XML and Web services interfaces used by Element Express and also because the senior executives at Element "were immediately available to us and have been just a great help on the technology." He adds that Element President and CEO Sean Kramer "has got my cell number and I've got his so we can work together as we need to."

As soon as Truly Nolen went live with Element, they were very satisfied. They had someone they could call if they had a processing question; who would answer the phone and answer their questions correctly," remembers Marathon Data's Chief Technology Officer, Jason Kochel.

With past solutions, "we had to spend time troubleshooting processing issues. But, with Element, the quality of the processing platform, system reliability and dedicated customer care and technical support made it a non-issue for us and for Truly Nolan," he says.

Element brings the greatest value to our merchants by offering them PCI DSS compliant processing solution which removes significant liability from their business.

Element’s TransForm® tokenization technology, for example, eliminates the risk of cardholder data being compromised at a merchant's site by uploading that information to Element's PCI DSS compliant data storage facility. Merchants who convert to Element Express and PASS, says Kochel, have "solved their PCI DSS concerns with very little cost or effort," and often wind up paying lower transaction processing costs.

Marathon has converted approximately 600 of its 1,200 customers to Element and plans to encourage more to sign up. Element's security capabilities are a major advantage for merchants, he says.

The TransForm® tokenization service is "something we're going to push strongly this year," says Kochel, and might even require it for merchants who use PestPac as a service over the Web, to reduce any possible liability both for the merchant and for Marathon, says Kochel.

For Marathon, each new merchant using Element Express means another customer experiencing improved security, better service and quite possibly lower rates. It also means a pest control service that can spend more time wiping out actual bugs and less time worrying about bugs in their payment processing.

To learn more about PCI compliance and secure payments, download our PCI Compliance Guide For Software Providers.

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