Offering Secure, Cost-Effective Payment Processing

Millennium Systems International has partnered with Element Payment Services, the industry leader in PCI DSS compliant payment processing solutions to offer customers fully integrated, secure and cost-effective payment processing solutions available.



PCI compliant, reliable, and cost effective, Element has the technology and expertise to focus on payment card security so you don‘t have to.
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A Fully Integrated Solution

Manage your entire business and securely process payments within the same application with a fully integrated solution. Because payment processing through Element’s PCI compliant Express interface is integrated directly with software name, the risks and liabilities associated with processing, transmitting and storing cardholder data are drastically reduced. And, your customers will have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive cardholder data is never exposed. Discover the value of payment processing designed for you. Watch to Learn More.

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Choice & Flexibility

Element understands that your business needs choice when it comes to selecting a payment processor. Element offers customers the flexibility to use their own processor of choice or work directly with Element! With Element’s gateway technology, you can use Element as your processor or keep your current merchant account while benefiting from the fully integrated PCI compliant payments module in Millennium.


Element is committed to providing the best value on the market for payment processing services. As such, Element strives to meet or beat processing rates for like services. With Element’s no obligation, complimentary statement analysis and rate quote you can understand how much you will save prior to coming on board.

TransForm® Point-to-Point Encryption

Simplify security and compliance requirements with Element’s TransForm® Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) technology. P2PE ensures cardholder data is protected from the point of card swipe or key-entry while in transit to the processor. With P2PE, reduce your PCI Compliance scope by eliminating cardholder data from ever entering the point of sale environment. Watch to Learn More.

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TransForm® Tokenization

TransForm® tokenization technology allows businesses to securely store credit card information for future billing while still meeting PCI DSS requirements. It works by moving the actual cardholder data to Element’s Level 1 PCI compliant secure storage facility and passing back a unique reference pointer (token) to your software. With tokenization, securly bill cards-on-file and perform recurring payments while reducing PCI copmliance scope.. Watch to Learn More.

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