TransForm® Tokenization & Account Updater

Securely access cardholder data—without the risk.


What Is TransForm® Tokenization Technology?

PCI compliance concerns can cause undue stress on merchants and ISVs alike. TransForm® Tokenization technology eases those worries by allowing merchants to securely access payment card data for future transactions without storing sensitive information onsite. TransForm® Tokenization technology helps merchants reduce the scope of PCI compliance while enabling the business benefits of secure, card-on-file and scheduled/recurring billing capabilities.

How Credit Card Tokenization Works

TransForm® Tokenization technology works by encrypting cardholder data and moving it offsite to Element’s PCI-compliant storage facility. Element’s servers then create and return a reference pointer—or token—to the software application. The token, which contains no actual cardholder data, allows merchants to bill a card-on-file or to schedule automatic recurring payments, improving customer service and cash flow.

Element’s TransForm® Tokenization technology is even more powerful when used in conjunction with the Element Account Updater service, which allows merchants to receive seamless account updates to tokenized credit cards stored securely on file.

Why TransForm® Tokenization Is The ISV’s Choice

By removing storage of sensitive cardholder data from business applications, TransForm® Tokenization eases the burden of PCI compliance. ISVs choose TransForm® Tokenization technology because:

  • It significantly simplifies PCI compliance requirements, allowing ISVs and their customers to focus more on growing their businesses and less on data security.
  • Element assumes responsibility for isolating cardholder data from the software application, significantly reducing liability to software providers and their customers.
Why Merchants Love TransForm® Tokenization

Cardholder data security concerns have reached every corner of the merchant market. But while customer security is important to them, merchants don’t have the expertise or inclination to grapple with PCI compliance. That’s where Element comes in to play. When merchants use TransForm® Tokenization:

  • The liability of storing cardholder can be data eliminated, while business functionality is retained.
  • The PCI SAQ process, a mandated annual audit of merchant cardholder security measures, is significantly easier and less costly to complete.
Download GuideLearn more about how Element mitigates the complexity of PCI compliance. Download our ISV and Merchant PCI Compliance Guides.