TransForm® Hosted Payments

Go ahead, focus on growing your business. We’ll handle security detail.


TransForm® Hosted Payments is the fully integrated, out-of-scope e-commerce solution from Element, designed to help ISVs and their customers avoid the significant cost and effort of achieving PCI compliance. With Hosted Payments, your application collects the non-sensitive data needed to perform a payment transaction, while Element handles all of the sensitive cardholder data. This precludes the application from the risk of handling information susceptible to data thieves.

Element’s TransForm® Hosted Payments is one of the only Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)-validated solution for the removal of software applications from the scope of PCI compliance. 

Hosted Payments

With Element’s fully integrated, out-of-scope e-commerce solution, merchants retain access to and control of all the mission-critical data necessary for their software applications to complete transactions and manage their businesses. We handle the sensitive data, securing it with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and our industry-leading TransForm® Tokenization technology (if storage of cardholder data is required).



Why ISVs And Merchants Entrust Their E-commerce Solution To TransForm® Hosted Payments

Achieving PCI compliance is time consuming and expensive. TransForm® Hosted Payments greatly reduces the burden of lost time and excessive expense, giving ISVs and merchants peace of mind. The solution is:

  • Flexible. Hosted Payments takes the software application out of PCI scope in both SaaS and distributed software application environments.
  • Secure. All cardholder data can be removed from ISV applications and merchant systems, drastically reducing business risk, liability, and expense.
  • Business-Friendly. With Hosted Payments, PCI compliance scope is dramatically reduced through risk transference for merchants. When you release your payment security concerns to us, you’re free to do what you do best.
  • Holistic. By employing P2PE and TransForm® Tokenization technology, Hosted Payments protects cardholder data both in-flight and at rest, allowing merchants to benefit from card-on-file billing & scheduled payments (when required).

Discover the ease of integration and payment acceptance enabled by TransForm® Hosted Payments.Download the Hosted Payments Whitepaper