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What is Express?

Express lies at the heart of Element’s industry-leading suite of payment processing solutions. It’s the processing interface that powers the highly secure, incredibly reliable, readily configurable and extremely scalable PCI compliant solutions leading software providers and merchants depend on.

What Makes Express Different From The Rest?
  • Fewer security worries. Element proactively manages PCI compliance with current and future PCI DSS security requirements, allowing software developers and merchant customers to worry less and sell more.
  • Less hassle and cost. With the Express Web-services architecture there's no need to update your application just to accommodate new versions of distributed, third-party payment software.
  • More satisfied merchants. Rock-solid technology ensures industry-leading uptime, and full-time, in-house support leaves no question or concern unanswered.
  • Higher customer retention. With our award-winning payment technology, there's less reason for customers to switch software providers.
  • A fully integrated solution. When business management software is integrated with Express, customers can manage their entire business and securely process payments within the same application.
Why Express Is The ISV’s Choice

Industry-leading software developers depend on the Element Express Processing Interface for secure, end-to-end management of their consumer transactions. They choose Element because:

  • Element’s payment processing technology is purpose-built. Secure, reliable payment processing is all we do.
  • Our highly scalable XML-based Web-services architecture enables seamless, simple integration.
  • With unparalleled backing by Element’s in-house development and support team, we’re with you through the entire lifecycle.
  • Industry-leading system availability ensures merchant customer satisfaction. 
Why Merchants Love Express
Element Express gives merchants a choice. We can serve as the merchant acquirer, or as a gateway cloud services provider. With Express, there is no requirement to switch processors.
  • In the Acquired model, Element acts as the full-service merchant services provider. This results in a seamless, secure, end-to-end payment processing environment for the merchant.
  • In Gateway mode, Element simply passes the transaction through to the acquirer. Merchants can keep their existing payment processor in place while gaining the security and reliability benefits of Element’s technology.

Get Free Test AccountSee for yourself how easy it is to enable the most secure, most reliable payment processing interface on the market. Download our Express Interface Specifications, or better yet, try us out with a free production-simulated test account today.