TransForm® Products & Services

Eliminate Risk With Element TransForm®

It’s simple. Remove the value of—and accessibility to—cardholder data. Eliminate the risk.

Element Express Processing Interface

Element Express is the interface that powers the highly secure, incredibly reliable, readily configurable and extremely scalable PCI compliant solutions leading ISVs and merchants depend on. Express is at the heart of all of Element’s scope reducing solutions.

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TransForm® Tokenization and Account Updater

Allow secure access to payment card data for future transactions without storing sensitive information within your application. Used in conjunction with Element’s TransForm® Tokenization technology, the Account Updater service enables seamless receipt of account updates to credit cards securely stored on file.

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TransForm® P2PE Encompass

With Element TransForm® P2PE, cardholder data is safe from first card swipe or manual entry—and it remains secure as it travels to the payment processor. TransForm® P2PE and P2PE Encompass can greatly reduce your PCI compliance scope.

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TransForm® Hosted Payments

TransForm® Hosted Payments removes software applications from the scope of PCI compliance by eliminating the need to store, process, or transmit cardholder data. Hosted Payments is an industry leading QSA (Qualified Security Assessor)-validated solution to remove PCI compliance scope.

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TransForm® Mobile

Based on Element’s TransForm® approach to PCI compliance, our Mobile Payments Solution Suite provides both a market-ready payments application (Payments2Go) and a fully integrated mobile payments application (TransForm® Mobile SDK). Both solutions are powered by our the Express Processing Interface, and are compatible with a diverse suite of  P2PE hardware options.

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TransForm® Point of Entry Solution

With Element's TransForm®  Point of Entry solution suite of P2PE supported devices, the transmission of cardholder information is completely removed from business management software, dramatically reducing the scope of PCI compliance while eliminating the potential liabilities and costs associated with handling cardholder data.

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The PA-DSS validated triPOS® payment application provides software developers with a single, simple integration to the Express Interface.  triPOS® is compatible with a wide range of hardware devices, connects to all authorization providers, supports a multitude transaction protocols (including EMV) and removes the business application from PCI scope.

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CardSenseTM (BIN Management)

Element’s CardSenseTM allows merchants to quickly and easily differentiate between PIN-debit, prepaid, and FSA/HSA (flexible spending account/health spending account) cards. This allows the determination of how best to proceed with processing payment transactions in the most secure, lowest-cost manner.

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Online Reporting and Virtual Terminal

Online reporting gives ISVs and merchants access to a comprehensive selection of summary reporting, merchant account set-up status, detailed merchant reporting, and customer care service notes. Virtual Terminal provides convenient, secure transaction processing and business continuity from any Web-enabled PC.

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