Beyond The Integration: Partnering For Success

Vantiv Integrated Payments partners get more than a great processing technology. They get a well-tooled team dedicated to their success.


What Makes Vantiv Integrated Payments the Best Choice for You?

We’re committed to building a value-driving partnership from the outset. From the moment we get to know your company, your goals, and your challenges, a dedicated team of subject matter experts throughout our organization—your Integrated Partner Management Team—sets to work on a custom plan that’s all your own. Here’s how our proven, highly structured, and measurable Partner Management approach works.

A Dedicated Team
Your Element Integrated Partner Executive (IPE) serves as your quarterback, or primary point person, for the life of the partnership. The IPE is supported by an entire team dedicated to your account, and you’re given front-line, direct access to all of them. 
Comprehensive Integration Support
The Element IPE collaborates with our Business Development Executive (BDE) Sales Team to create a playbook that allows our Business Integrations Team (BIG) to ensure development and integration phases are executed flawlessly. 
Focused Sales Approach

A dedicated, 2-3 person Key Account Management Sales Team works collaboratively with you to identify and pursue opportunities to build your Element customer portfolio.

Customized Marketing Programs

A representative of the Element Integrated Partner Marketing Program brings a unique blend of marketing services and support to help you differentiate your software solution, drive customer adoption of our industry-leading payment services, and increase revenue.  From highly customizable and comprehensive campaigns to strategic turnkey programs, our marketing support services result in a much higher solution adoption rate for our partners who implement them than those who don't.

The philosophy is simple; when we win together, your customers win, too.

In short, the Vantiv Integrated Payments Integrated Partner Management Team works collaboratively with you to define your success and create a custom campaign designed to achieve your success. Strategic forecasting sessions and analytics-based performance reviews ensure you’re tracking toward success and provide opportunities to plan for the future. 

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