PCI Compliance For ISVs

Lost in the regulations labyrinth? Let Element be your guide. 


Payment Security: The ISV’s Obligation

Merchants don’t just need world-class software—they need world-class software that protects their business. To mitigate payment risk—and maintain PCI compliance—payment software applications must adopt and comply with a number of technical requirements that ensure cardholder data is securely processed, transmitted and/or stored. Building, maintaining, and annually certifying this technical infrastructure is costly, resource-intensive, and risky. PCI rules aren’t enforced by the PCI Security Standards body—they’re enforced by credit card payment brands including Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, and American Express. Failure to comply results in the potential that your customers won’t be able to process card transactions. As a result, many ISVs have simply chosen not to offer their customers an integrated payments solution—despite the market demand for holistic, end-to-end software.

How Element Assumes The Burden Of PCI

Choosing not to offer the benefit of integrated payments is a sacrifice software providers do not have to make. Through simple integration to Element’s PCI compliant solutions, we make it easy to offer secure payments while protecting you and your customers from the cost, liability risk, and integration complexity associated with PCI compliant integrated payments.

The Element TransForm® solution suite is purpose built for an evolving industry. Designed by Element’s on‐site engineering staff, the Express interface is built from the ground up with compliance and security as core fundamental tenets. The resulting interface provides simple, yet secure Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) integration through use of XML‐based Web Services. Specifically, this solution enables ISVs to eliminate the risk, cost and complexity of meeting PCI compliance obligations by shifting the responsibility and risk of handling cardholder data to Element.

Why ISVs Love The Element Approach to Compliance

Choosing Element allows ISVs to:

  • Drastically Reduce or eliminate PCI compliance scope 
  • Offer customers a flexible payment acceptance solution that seamlessly dovetails with their software applications.
  • Shrug off liability concerns and rest easy knowing cardholder data is never touching your application and is handled by a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant processing leader