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We understand that simple, secure and reliable payment processing solutions are critical to the success of your business. That’s why our Web-based platform was purpose-built using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with data security and PCI compliance in mind. Our innovative solutions allow customers to easily meet and exceed industry compliance requirements such as PCI DSS and PA-DSS. Transfer the risk of handling cardholder data to Element and protect your business.

All software providers whose payment applications handle cardholder data are required to comply with either the PCI DSS or the PA-DSS. This process is expensive, time consuming and ongoing, and compliance safeguards do not fully eliminate the risks to your business or your customers when it comes to handling cardholder data. Element's Hosted Payments is the first solution to take software providers completely out-of-scope for PA-DSS compliance.

Element's innovative technology helps customers meet PCI DSS requirements and secure cardholder data. Our point-to-point encryption (P2PE) protects credit card data from card swipe to payment processor. TransForm™ tokenization technology secures stored cardholder data by moving it offsite to Element's Level 1 PCI DSS compliant data storage facility. These innovative solutions remove risk, liability and cost while simplifying payment acceptance.

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Ease PCI compliance with Element Payment Services' fully integrated PCI DSS compliant payment processing solutions for merchants, franchisers and software providers.  Engineered using service-oriented architecture, Element's Express Processing Platform allows for easy integration and supports credit and debit card, ACH and check solutions.  With TransForm® tokenization technology and point-to-point encryption, Element's payment solutions not only meets but, exceeds PCI compliance requirements.
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Ease the PCI Compliance burden with Element Payment Service’s fully integrated payment processing solutions
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